Hello, we are Teals Prairie.

And we don’t do mass generic.

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If you are looking for a unique gift idea for a friend, a meaningful gift for a team member or an unforgettable unboxing experience for a product launch, Teals Prairie has got your back.

our services

We offer small to large quantities of personalised and custom gifts. Each and every one can be branded with your name or logo, perfect for life’s important events.

Our Team

You’ll find a talented team of designers and artisans at the heart of our business. The Teals International team is based in Edinburgh and provides custom design and project support.

We have sister workshops in Texas and Hong Kong which allows us to expand our sourcing and fulfilment options.

Our Products

We can build entirely unique gifts for your event or occasion by combining traditional crafts techniques with advanced machining technology. That’s how we create products that stand apart.

Our Packaging

We can match the mood of your brand or event by customising finishing options such as boxes or ribbons. We strive towards a carbon-neutral buying experience, and are building up a network of local businesses for hand-crafted products.

Our Customers

We work with companies who want to demonstrate they care, events where you are more than just an attendee, and people who just want to show some love.

We have made specially branded products for charities, small businesses, universities as well as large companies. Whatever you need, we’ll find a way to make it work.

A little


Teals Prairie is a family business with global reach. We started as a small craft business and have now delivered many thousands of custom products to happy customers and businesses.

Throughout this journey we have maintained a strong sense of quality, craftsmanship and creativity to ensure we deliver something special every time.

Personalization of products and custom products for major life events is the primary drive of our company. We strive to provide a better way of connecting, by crafting unique gifts for the individual.