Eco-Friendly Gifts

Things are heating up and not in the way that we’d like! 🥵 When you’re planning your next big promotion don’t go for plastic throwaway items. Check out our eco gift ideas that you can use to make a big impression with a small carbon footprint.

Branded Eco Tech Giveaways

USB drives, charging docks and other tech accessories are promotional staples but let’s leave the cheap plastic promo gifts in the past. The future is green and your tech giveaways should reflect that by being eco-friendly!

Add your business message, logo or design to these unforgettable promotional tech items!

Eco-friendly Bags

Branded tote bags are the perfect way to say goodbye to single-use plastic in style! These fashionable reusable bags are perfect to fill with promotional gifts to make eco-friendly goodie bags.

Corporate Gifts

Impress your clients with corporate gift solutions to suit any business, event and budget.

Looking for more info on how you can make your business greener? This article from TechRepublic has 10 tips on how you can help save your company save energy, money and the planet. 💚

Here’s are our pro-tip, office plants. These bad boys purify the air naturally without any need for electricity. Give your employees a custom plant pot for their desk plants.

Green Growable Gifts

Growable gifts and guerilla gardening are the new faces of branded gifts. Add your message or logo to a notepad that contains paper that can be composted to grow into a carbon munching plant!

These branded gifts are perfect for green giveaways. Each item gives the recipient an unforgettable gifting experience.

Unique Eco Gift Ideas

Stand out from the crowds of keychains and USB drives with something that’ll get them talking! From sunglasses to yoga mats, these eco gifts will help your brand truly make a mark at your next event.

Branded Swag

Branded swag is perfect for employees, clients and customers alike. Add your logo to these planet-friendly wearables.

Running an Event?

We’ll help you design your perfect custom gift with special packaging, fulfilment and success tracking.

Custom Made

Send a gift that shows you care. Make it personal.

Deliver in Style

Build a gifting experience. Delivered to order.