Luxury Corporate Gifts

Churchill once said, “My tastes are simple, I am easily satisfied with the best”. A little bit of luxury goes a long way in persuading your clients, customers or staff that the organisation will go the extra mile for their satisfaction. Here we have curated a selection of our hand-finished luxury corporate gifts that you can personalise to an amazing level of customisation to create a luxury experience for the recipient.

Desktop Accessories

If you are looking for luxury business gifts, then we recommend checking out our selection of branded desktop gifts. We offer a wide variety of products at affordable prices. You can also check out our other categories such as promotional products, office supplies, and more.

Luxury Leather

Luxury does not have to mean expensive or branded with logos. It can be demonstrated with a hand-finished product. It can be shown through attention to detail. Nothing says luxury quite like leather. Our leather gift sets are crafted from sustainably sourced genuine leather and all products can be fully customised to carry your branding message, design or a personal level of detail.

Build Your Own Gift

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Build a gift with local heroes, social enterprises and more…

Searching for the perfect gift for your business client, VIP customers or employees? We’ll help you customise a corporate gift that is unique to the recipient.

Choose from thousands of products in our catalogue for the perfect corporate gift ideas. Can’t decide? Let our specialists help you select the perfectly curated business gift for your next new launch or an employee recognition event.

Make your next promotion a success

Are you looking for a bit of guidance on how you want to approach your next promotion? Check out this article from B2B Marketing and get clued up on how to make your brand consistent and unforgettable. If you are about to present at a trade show, event or seminar, they have provided five tips to help ensure that your creative promotional products work.

Branded Luxury Drinkware

When considering how you want to celebrate after a successful milestone, choose to be indulgent! We have an impressive catalogue of barware that you can brand to create a corporate gift with a touch of class.

Corporate Gifts

Impress your clients with corporate gift solutions to suit any business, event and budget.

Build a Luxury Gift Set

Promotions take time and effort to complete, so make it count and have every last detail made luxurious for your clients. Create printed ribbon, stickers and custom gift boxes and bags to spread your message in an unforgettable way.