Gift Finishing: Tags, Labels, Ribbons and more!

The final step in building an amazing gift set is also one of the most important. Customised ribbons, tags and stickers are great for promoting your business, organisation, or event.

If you have an idea of what you want just tell us! Our team usually responds to requests on the same day.

Ribbon Finishing Options

Custom printed ribbon is a great way to finish off your custom gift box or product packaging. We offer a massive range of colours to ensure you find the right tone for your event or promotion.

There are many options in terms of style, size, colour, foil and texture so add your general requirements in the input box and we will get in touch to work out the rest.

Looking for plain ribbon? Browse all 196 colours.

Bespoke Gift Tags

Labels and gift tags are a great way to add subtle detail to a gift set or giveaway. A nice addressed label is also an opportunity to add another point of contact for the gift set. This could be a thank you, a welcome or just a shout out.

All labels can be personalised and can come in any shape. We carry a range of shapes and designs for immediate shipment or integration into a custom gift bag.

Branded Stickers

Stickers. There is something about the defined surface and the one-shot use that seem to appeal to young and old alike. The smart use of a printed sticker is a efficient and low cost way to brand a gift set.

Stickers come in almost any size and can be die cut to almost any shape. We hold a range of stock sizes and shapes but can consider any custom sticker project.  Browse through some stock stickers here or send a note for a custom sticker here.

Custom stickers are a great way to finish off your custom gift box or product packaging.

If you are searching for printed custom stickers or decal as part of a larger project for an event or promotion then you have come to the right place. Teals Prairie can support all your custom packaging needs with a large range of custom packaging solutions and an amazing variety of finishing options.

custom stickers

Power up your promotion

We have an array of customisation services, from badge making to printed tissue paper and much more. Get in touch with our team to find out how we can make your next promotion a whole lot easier.

The packaging options include custom bags, custom boxes and an array of finishing technologies. If you can find something you like let us know and we can help build it!

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