Custom Wood Boxes and More...

Our UK warehouse stocks a number of sizes of custom wood boxes and along with our other workshops, we can make pretty much anything you need.

From designing boxes for happy occasions like weddings, reunions and parties. We have also catered for product launches, marketing promotions, influencer campaigns, and staff appreciation events.

Our custom-made wooden boxes are ideal for storing your products or promoting your brand. We also make them in different shapes and sizes so we can cater to any size requirement. Contact us to request mock-ups, samples and free design support.

Custom Printed Boxes for Your Business

Custom Paper Boxes

Cardboard boxes and kraft paper boxes are made from strong recycled card and can be presented with lids or die cut and folding. They are also lightweight, which helps keep costs down. This makes them perfect for promotional purposes as well as for shipping products. Customise with custom labels, ribbons and even UV full-colour printing on the top.

Pine Wood Boxes

Present your product or gift in style with pinewood boxes. Crafted from farmed pine trees these products are very low-carbon with a low environmental impact.

In addition, the boxes are made from natural unprocessed wood so in the natural and rustic versions the gain is visible and offers a nice organic effect. It is particularly beneficial for packaging designed for edible or cosmetic products since it gives the package an organic appearance.

Custom Pine Wood Box
Custom wood box pine
Custom wood box black pine with lid

Bentwood Favour and Confectionery Boxes

Bentwood boxes are a great way to present light products and the box style is very popular for wedding favours as well as samples for promotions.

Their simplicity means they can be used for wedding favours to conference giveaways. Manufacturing has a low environmental impact and they can be recycled or further processed into other types of wood.

String & Button Boxes

String and Button boxes are a nice low weight and low cost way to create a lovely unboxing experience. The paper box style is simple, recyclable and the boxes are frequently passed on so great for multiplying the visibility. Ribbons or tags can also be fitted as handles and is a great way to colour match with the logo or event branding.

Custom Tins and Plastic Boxes

This style of boxes are perfect when you need something that is hardier and more durable, especially for confectionery or food items that need to be kept hygienic. We have a variety of stock sizes here but as these are speciality items please do ask the team in the UK what can be done.

custom plastic boxes

Window Gift Boxes

These boxes with windows are not held in stock but we can custom make these as required. A typical order may take upwards of 3 weeks after design finalisation so please get in touch with our UK team asap if you are interested in a window gift boxes.

Acrylic Gift Boxes

For a container solution that is more robust, acrylic boxes offer a solid alternative. Our Acrylic boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and provide great visibility options for your product or promotion.

These boxes have been employed to good effect by us for technology giveaways and party favours in particular. The addition of a card insert is a nice touch and can neatly cover one face or more. They also come in a variety of colours to match the mood of your event.

Cork Gift Boxes

Cork is a flexible and innovative material that has traditionally been used in wine and food applications. Cork can be personalised in a variety of ways including UV printing, laser engraving and a variety of detailing and finishing options.

A few examples of cork containers and boxes are below but if you have a custom project please do let us know and we can explore all options for custom boxes.

Custom Wood Boxes

A box doesn’t need to be square, there are plenty of custom containers we can help make for your project.

We’ve worked with our crafts team to make amazing wooden trays and a wide variety of specially crafted wood boxes.

We work with wood varieties including sustainable pine, white oak, maple and cherry wood to ensure the right finish for your project. 

Lead times for custom box and container projects can be from 3 to six weeks. Samples and mockups will be provided in advance of final delivery but if you are interested in a custom wooden box, container or tray then please start the discussion early! 

Teals Prairie International also provides many different ways to customise your custom branded box.

We can provide matching totes and paper bags to present your custom box for giveaways and promotions.

We also offer custom detailing such as printed ribbon, gift tags and more!

Create Cool Designs for your Packaging!

With our range of customisation technologies, printing services and laser engraving anything is possible. From brightly printed mailing boxes for remote promotions to engraved wooden boxes to display your new products. There is generally no minimum order for the stock custom wood boxes and we can build small orders for speciality events and products.

Check out packaging design examples from businesses elsewhere. 

Why Choose Custom Wood Boxes over Other Packaging Solutions?

Custom wooden packaging is an ideal way to promote your brand and create a lasting impression on customers. They serve as a greener solution to throwaway plastic packaging and are a keepsake gift for your clients or staff!

Wooden boxes are a great gift idea because they are unique and will last forever. You can customise them with any message or logo to make them truly special. Work with Teals Prairie to create a personal and lasting impression.

Production and Delivery

Rapid production and delivery from the UK or our global workshops. Take advantage of individual fulfilment services

Gift Finishing and Detailing

Explore finishing and packaging options that will make your event stand out from the crowd! Make your gift set your way