Employee Gift Ideas

In these turbulent times, we could all do with being a bit nicer to each other. That goes for making your team feel valued too.

Welcome your new employees and help settle those first-day nerves. You can also show appreciation for existing staff with a personalised welcome gift.

The behaviour and emotions of your staff are integral to your business running smoothly. Gifts improve workplace positivity and overall wellbeing of staff.


Recognition is one of the most powerful motivators.

“Nearly 45 per cent of employees believe their value at a company is reflected by the gifts they receive; however more than one in three people have never received a gift from their supervisor.”

Bringing on a new staff member is always a difficult process. Aside from the admin work, there is always the worry they will not fit in.

At Teals Prairie, it’s more than just branded swag and half-baked gift boxes. You can personalise and tailor each gift to make every individual feel valued.

Get in touch with us to start a conversation about what kind of gifts you envision for your staff. In the meantime, here are some of the best ways to welcome a new employee, while taking care of your existing employees at the same time.

Get Creative

Infinite customisation options to make your gift stand out.

Build your own onboarding gift box

To help you build your own staff gift box, we have linked up with a curated selection of craft makers, traditional producers, and local heroes from around the UK.

Our example above of an employee welcome box shows how you can build a box to suit any taste or budget.

Everything can be customised to ensure you build an individual gifting experience. These boxes can also be built with sweet treats or booze, the perfect staff Christmas gift idea. Or, if you’re looking for a staff wellbeing gift, you can add soaps, chocolates and more!

Click below to find out what you can add to your custom employee welcome box here.

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Build a gift with local heroes, social enterprises and more…

A Guide to Onboarding New Employees

Stuck on the best way to integrate new employees into the culture of your workplace? This article has all you need to build the perfect strategy that will work for your new hire and the rest of your team. Read more about it here.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The times of throwaway plastic gifts are well past us now. Your younger employees and the planet will thank you for choosing these earth-friendly staff gifts.

Contact us about which branded eco gifts you’d like to use for your onboarding! For more personalised eco-friendly gift ideas, check out this article.

Brand this high-grade stainless steel water bottle with your logo


Organic cotton eco-friendly tote bag

Cheap Employee Gift Ideas

Every UK business, big or small, wants to let their new employees feel at home. It doesn’t always have to be a bank-breaking venture. We’ve got some inexpensive employee gift ideas that can be personalised to get the message of appreciation across.

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