Perfect Whisky Glasses

The glass you choose to enjoy your favourite blend of whisky from is something very personal. So, how do we decide which kind of glass is going to strike a note with a loved one?

The correct glass for your dram of whisky can elevate your drink experience. The size, shape, functionality can all help unlock the complex notes and flavours found within your favourite Scotch whisky.

We’ll help you to decide which glass will be a successful gift for your recipient by taking an in-depth look at our custom whisky glass selection.

Before we get started, look at some of our best-selling whisky glasses and glass sets.

Custom Cigar Gift Sets

What goes better together than a peaky Scotch whisky and a rich cigar? Our custom cigar gift sets are the perfect pair for a custom whisky glass or decanter set. Personalise each element with your own design, monogram or message.

Designing Your Whisky Glasses

whisky glass

Form, function, and design may matter when choosing whisky glasses. But what if you need help deciding on a design? At Teals Prairie, we pride ourselves on providing personalization services you’ll find useful.

Firstly, we can engrave your custom graphics, business logo, or message. On every product page, there’s an option for adding personalisation instructions and your graphics. Secondly, our in-house designers can edit designs chosen from our monogram menus, or create new illustrations for you. Finally, if necessary, we can send you proof of your design before we personalise your glasses. This will help you decide and choose the right design. We can show you exactly what to expect before your custom whisky glasses arrive.

Browse our selection of monograms that you can add to your order. Or, make your own!

Get Creative

Infinite customisation options to make your gift stand out.


Beloved by bartenders and mixologists the world over, the old-fashioned glass is the daddy of the whisky glasses. Put your own spin on this timeless design, a custom classic for your loved one. Perfect for those who love a drink on the rocks.


If you are after quality whisky drinking accessories, our whisky glass sets have everything you need to enjoy your favorite bottle. These whisky drinker gift sets include decanters, coasters, whisky stones, ice molds, bar trays, and more.

Corporate Gifts

Impress your clients with corporate gift solutions to suit any business, event and budget.

Cocktail Shaker Sets

Fancy your drinks shaken and not stirred? These personalised cocktail shakers are the perfect pair for any custom whisky or gin glass.


The neat glass is perfect for those whisky enthusiasts who don’t need anything fancy. A neat drink is enjoyed straight with a simple 60ml measure, for those who really want to enjoy the complexities and flavours of their whisky.

If your recipient is someone who enjoys their drinks neat, these smaller glasses are perfect for them.


Here come the big guns! These larger glasses are ideal for those who like to mix drinks and add ice. Add whisky rocks, ice and/or mixers to make your beverage the exact way you like it. You’ll notice these whisky glasses usually have wider rims and thicker bases.


These ornate glasses will add some mid-century flair to your home bar or drinks cabinet. The retro appeal of these glasses is perfect for crazy whisky-based cocktails. The bases of these custom whisky glasses are ideal for engraving a surprise message for your guests.


Daredevils, we’ve got the perfect glass for you! These rocking whisky glasses let you whirl your drink around without spilling a single drop. Raise some eyebrows at your next dinner party with this classy and bold design.


Ahhh the tilted glass, for those who like to look at things from a different angle. A fun spin on the old-fashioned design. This new dimension will be a welcome addition to your drinks cabinet.

Custom Whisky Glass Sets

Perhaps no gift set is perfect, and you want to create your own. At Teals Prairie, this isn’t a problem! We can help you create a custom whisky glass gift set with whisky accessories and custom gift boxes.

Simply add the items you’re interested on to your business quote list, and send us a message letting us know the packaging you’re interested in.

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