Funny Gifts for Your Boyfriend

The sentiment of giving a gift doesn’t just stop at emotional or cheesy, some of the best are the ones that make us tear up from laughing so hard. Make your boyfriend smile by customising his gift with a personal joke, pet name or wisecrack at his expense.

If you’re looking for something unique and thoughtful, consider giving your boyfriend a personalised gift. You can make his day extra special with one of these creative ideas.

Popular Funny Gifts

Making a funny gift for your boyfriend

Get Creative!

Infinite customisation options to make your gift stand out.

Ahhh romantic quotes, infamously cringe… Let’s lean into that, shall we?

Here’s a list of side-splittingly cheesy quotes that you can add to his gift to make him laugh at the effort.

Gifts You Can Make Your Own

Here’s your chance to show off your comedic skills. We’ve picked some of our favourite gifts that are perfect for putting a unique spin on.

Pro tip: You can engrave the inside of our wallets with a hidden message so you can add a surprise message or design for a more low key gag.

Men's Custom Wallets

Create a meaningful custom wallet for the guy in your life!

Personalised Desktop Gifts

Fun Gift Hampers

Our friends at Crate Drop are experts in fun gifting, if you’re looking for an unusual and funny gift for your boyfriend then check out this Jagerbomb gift set!

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