How to


Your Gift

Designing Your Perfect

Customised Gift

We can help you create gifts with an amazing array of personalisation options.

You can start your journey by first choosing a gift. Or you could come up with a design first and then choose a gift. This page will help guide you through some of the options.

One piece of advice we give out frequently: Keep it simple. Too many words or too much detail in a small space will not look good. A cool monogram or a few subtle words looks far better than a messy intricate design or paragraph of text.

If you want something more bespoke, read on! Or you can commission a custom design with us.

We offer free gift building concierge services for businesses, organisations, events and promotions. You can use the Request a Quote function or just message us with what you need.

1. Use the design in our photos

The easiest way is to use the default option of the same design shown in our images.

We would retain the design but replace the text with your own. All that is needed is for you to fill in the bits where our text is shown with your very own specifics, such as a name and date.

2. Choose a Monogram

Monograms are a statement of style. We have a full menu of monograms for you to choose from.

You can also create your own monogram for example, with this free monogram maker app. Simply export or screen shot your finished monogram and send it to us.

For larger events such as weddings, if you would like us to craft a custom monogram specially for you, just mention this in the personalisation options box when you purchase.

3. Add a logo or your own design

You can add a logo or a design file by uploading the artwork on the product page, before you add the product to your basket. Please make sure the logo is a vector file or a good quality photo. Most products will be customised using laser engraving but for bulk business orders we can offer various other  customisation techniques. Speak to us if you are interested in a special look, colour or effect.

There are also many packaging and finishing touches you can consider including customise boxes, totes, ribbons, stickers. You can also create a special gift basket or hamper using your own products or our curated add-ons .

4. Choose a font

The default font we use will be the font shown in the product image.  These fonts and templates are design to fit the product and we know they work well for engraving. However if you want a different (commercial rights free please!) font, you can send us your requirements and we can help design something.

Alternatively you can use any of the Google fonts on this page.  Just tell us the name of the font and we will build this into your gift.

5. Add a Graphic

All graphics tell a story but there are many ways to tell it. With infinite choices out there, the most important thing is to choose one that fits the space!

Firstly, check that the shape of the graphic is roughly the same shape as the space you want it on. Secondly, make sure it does not contain too much detail for its size. For example, a long thin rectangular design with lots of text will not look good on a tiny circular cufflink!

Check out our designs and graphics page for more ideas.

6. Inspire with a Quote

We’d like to say we don’t want to put words in your mouth but we are happy to do so! The creative Teals team has compiled hundreds of inspiring, uplifting and just plain funny quotations from the ages to help inspire you.

These work great when crafted with good fonts.  Rectangular quote designs coupled with an artistic or writing font look wonderful on gift boxes and journals.

Check out our full list of inspirational quotes here.

7. Customise the box

For business events or bulk orders we offer different wood boxes and finishing options. We also offer UV painting technology to create a textured painted surface with vibrant colours. This is a step above dye sublimation or screen printing and can create a striking effect.

Gift boxes can be customised in full colours and photographs can be painted with high resolution. They not only look good on a mantlepiece or desk, they also double up as a storage box which makes them especially practical gifts. Work with us to build this option into your event gift or giveaway.

8. Commission Your Own Design

If you would like something completely bespoke, our designers can create something for you. You could send a photo, your handwriting, a drawing or screenshot and we can take it from there! Because this option is a bit more involved, we would charge for this.

The other alternative is to commission a design from a designer you like. Look at 99designs for detailed designer portfolios, or Fiverr, which – as the name suggests –  can cost only a fiver (in dollars) for a piece of custom work.