Graduation Gifts

They did it! It’s time to celebrate their huge achievement and raise a toast to your favourite graduate! Create custom gift that will let them know how proud you are of all their hard work. From scrapbooks and journals to save memories in or glassware to help take the edge off a busy last semester, we have something for everyone.

Popular Graduation Gifts

Customising a Graduation Gift

Get Creative!

Infinite customisation options to make your gift stand out.

Set them up for their next chapter whether it’s a new career or a Phd with a inspirational quote. Check out this article from Good Housekeeping that has 100 quotes that will inspire new graduates!

“Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.”
- Nora Ephron

Gap Year Essentials

Personalise a graduation gift for your favourite globetrotter to enjoy their gap year with before going into the big bad world!

Custom Boxes and Containers

Choose from hundreds of options for custom boxes, totes and bags in stock in the UK and from our global workshops

Gift Set Finish and Detailing

Explore finishing and packaging options that will make your event stand out from the crowd! Make your gift set your way