Customisation Techniques

How We Make Your Gift Personal

We offer a wide range of customisation technologies across our workshops. We employ computer-aided design platforms like laser engraving and UV printing as well as traditional hand techniques. Everything is hand-finished so you can be sure that all products will be delivered at the highest standard. View some of the options for creating a custom gift below.

Heat Transferring

Heat transfer is a tried and tested method for delivering a quality colour finish to a variety of materials. This process prints your design onto speciality heat transfer paper and it is then applied to ceramics, fabrics or other absorbent materials. This low-cost, high-quality method of printing allows individual or mass production of products with a two-dimensional smooth finish.

This dye sublimation process is frequently used for logo printing on marketing giveaways and ceramics such as mugs or glassware. For a deeper, more luxurious finish for a design you can look at tactile UV-printing or three-dimensional technologies such as embossing or engraving.

Die Cutting

Die-cutting is a process is used to craft shapes in a wide range of materials. A great technology for creating intricate designs in paper, metal, fabrics and leathers. Die cutting is a clean technology and delivers excellent product consistency.

Perfect for crafting custom branded keychains, notebooks, magnets, stickers and more. The manual crafting aspect allows for logos or branding to be presented in everything from custom luxury packaging to cheap giveaways.

UV Flatbed Printing

We pride ourselves on our range of different methods for crafting events gifts or marketing ideas and one of our favourite technologies is UV Flatbed Printing. These digital printers are the next generation of printing and can create vivid colours and extremely high-quality prints on a huge range of materials.

A smooth automated production system paints vibrant, tactile paints onto flat surfaces and uses UV light to assist drying. This printing method ensures a long lasting, vibrant design or photo print that will last far longer than traditional printing methods.

Button or Badge Making

Everyone loves a free badge. We have had years to perfect our badge making and we are now able to craft a massive variety of custom, made-to-order badges in a variety of shapes.

Teals Prairie badges have been used for everything from school sports days to wedding invitations or political campaigns. Combined with custom printing techniques, we can create clear logos, images and designs for your occasion.

CNC Wood Routing

The workshop teams love to make something new. The Teals Prairie crafts team would call the CNC router their favourite tool when working with wood. This can be used for cutting, drilling, and engraving to produce high precision products in a variety of wood substrates. The craftsman will select settings for cut size, depth, and machine speed depending on the density of the wood and the design.

Highly crafted, hand-finished wooden gifts are a lovely way to signal to your recipients that they are worth the effort. Ask us about our sustainably sourced wood options.

Foil Printing

Foil printing is a simple technology that offers a cheap way to signal luxury. Our expert craftsmen can help you create metallic logos, images or text using a variety of custom colours. Foil printing is possible on almost any flat surface including paper, leather and acrylic.

The process works with the printer applying heat and pressure to the surface, printing the metallic foil onto your material of choice which leaves a long-lasting shiny metallic design.  The technique is perfect for adding luxury gold, silver and copper accents to crafted goods and packaging or decoration. Depth can be imparted using embossing or debossing techniques to add an additional edge to a finish.

Note: Due to the production set-up requirements, we offer foil printing for luxury projects or upwards of 100 prints.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is an incredibly versatile craft technique that is employed to create a long lasting, high-quality finish in many materials. Unlike laser marking, which chemically marks materials, laser engraving uses a high-powered beam that vaporises the substrate leaving your design etched into the product.

The combination of skilled operators and sophisticated machine controllers mean that highly accurate 3-dimensional cuts and designs are possible.

Mould Forming

Mould forming is a great way of creating the perfect secure packaging for your product or promotion. Custom moulds can be individually designed to present your products in the best way in a gift box or package.

We use CAD and traditional techniques to craft the perfect using a router. Once your initial test mould is approved (usually within 2 weeks), we can make as many as you need and get these to you quickly at low prices.

A variety of materials are available including cardboards, foams, velvet and various other substrates to ensure the right presentation and finish.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting, like the 45th president of the USA, is very abrasive. The technique uses sand pushed by high pressures to wear away materials in a precise manner. It is a negative technique so a template is first created and used to protect the base material. Fine sand is then directed onto the surface to carve away material that is not protected.

The technique creates a rich three-dimensional design and is a great way to add long lasting designs to surfaces. It is not a good choice for intricate designs or small text but it works very well for large lettering and block logos.

We have used sandblasting to great effect on stone, glass, marble and ceramic. Event awards or staff appreciation plaques can be created on slate, acrylic or marble with a great, deep and everlasting finish.  The richness of the effect can be shown to the best effect if it is coupled with packaging that highlights the engraving in the best light. A custom box with a window for example. Have a look at some examples of the technique below.

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