Influencer Gift Ideas

With the rise of social media and its influencer personalities, particularly on TikTok and Instagram, getting your brand onto the feed of these social giants is massive advertising. Getting an influencer to make a small story feature or post about your brand by gifting them a cool product will reach thousands, if not millions, of followers.

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Social Media and Influencer Profiles

Social media is all about looks and extravagance, so when it comes to sending a big influencer a gift make sure they’ll actually want it on their feed. If you want to target specific demographics like parents or tech enthusiasts, try and aim for specific micro-influencers who have loyal followers with specific interests. Let’s have a think about potential influencers and branded products you can send them.

For Da Guys! Male Influencers

I feel like when we think of influencers, we often picture younger women or mummy bloggers. However, there’s plenty of guys out there with huge social media reaches, here are some gifts that would excite a guy to feature your brand on his feed or story.

On the Go! Travel Influencers

These influencers dominate Youtube and Instagram. Getting your brand onto a travel-related item would be a sure-fire way to feature in their next adventure video or post on Instagram for thousands of followers to see.

Corporate Gifts

Impress your clients with corporate gift solutions to suit any business, event and budget.

Interior Design Influencers

Whether it’s maximalism or minimalism, folks on Instagram love to see great interior design. Design influencers have huge follower counts, send them something eye-catching to get a shout out. Here are some small stylish pieces you can send your favourite social media designer.

The Benefits of Gifting to Influencers

Still not sold on the marketing benefits of influencer gifting? This Article by Neal Schaffer takes a deep dive into the age influence and how you can increase your brand’s exposure by getting involved. Neal has plenty of tips on how you can make the most out of this kind of promotion. Check out his article here.

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Party People - New Drinks Influencers

Where to send samples for your new gin? Make sure the right people get a taste! Younger influencers in particular will be fans of receiving drinks and barware which can feature well in party imagery. Ask us about building a custom gift set with your drinks samples and some branded barware. Add their name to the glass! Just make sure they’re of legal drinking age in their country before you send them a cocktail shaker or a custom glass!

Unique Gifts

Send a gift that shows you care. Make it personal.

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