Employee Awards & Staff Recognition Gift Ideas for Your Team Members

Tips for Engaging and Motivating Employees

Getting the team on board for a project or inspiring them in their work is way harder than just throwing some cheap swag or promotional products their way. The folks at Trello have some good suggestions on employee motivation but the top line read: ensure your team is valued. Our recommendation is to make a personal approach. Show some thought and whatever their work load they will know someone is thinking of them!

Desktop Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Employee awards are a great way to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and dedication. Whether you’re looking for something unique or just need ideas, this article has everything you need to choose the perfect staff recognition gift.

Sustainable Staff Appreciation Gift Boxes

We work with our social product partners to build tailored staff appreciation and thank you gift boxes for business owners.

Select from a range of ethical products and tailor them for your staff’s interests. From quality fairtrade chocolates to chilli products that fund social enterprises in Ghana.

Make your next office appreciation gift one that won’t be forgotten. Click the link below to see the range of products you can use to craft your staff gift.

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Staff Awards and Commendation Gifts

A personalised gift to a team member will make all the difference. It is easy to get HR to put a logo on a gift and give that to everyone in the office.

A personal message from the manager is a better idea. Or a congratulatory note for something specific that was well done. Gifts from employers and workers are only worth the effort if they are done properly.

Luxury Staff Gifts

Weathered the latest crisis with flying colours? Completed a major project or closed a big sale this quarter? Sometimes the team need something special for a job well done. View some of these luxury staff gift ideas and contact us if we can help with bespoke packaging and fulfilment.

Awards and Plaques

View hundreds of award types with natural stone plaques, engraved wood awards, crystal awards and trophies that will let your staff know they shine!

Corporate Gifts

Impress your clients with corporate gift solutions to suit any business, event and budget.