Custom Gift Bags

The final step in building an amazing gift set is also one of the most important. Your gift bags have a big impact on the overall message you’re trying to send with your promotion. Browse some inspirational options below.

Or if you have an idea of what you want, just get in touch! Our team usually responds to requests on the same day.

Branded Gift Bags

Branded paper bags and totes are a great way to present light products in a cost-effective way. The wide range of customisation options also allows great branding and marketing options on the two large flat surfaces of the bags.

We carry a number of simple kraft paper bags in stock but we can access many more styles.  If you are interested in a custom bag for a project, please send us an inquiry using the support button below.

Canvas Drawstring Bags

Canvas drawstring bags are a nice option when a more organic feel is required.

These bags also tend to be kept and occasionally passed on. Therefore, from a marketing perspective, they can have multiple views, especially if repurposed – which is also great for the environment!

Mock Ups and Visualisation

paper and canvas tote bags for promotions

To help build a successful event package for you and your sponsors, we can provide mocks ups and visualisation of the bags and promotional material. With our amazing packaging and customisation options, we can help build a complete unboxing (or unbagging!) experience.

World Saving Branded Eco Bags

Leave throwaway plastic bags in the past. Add your logo or design to a trendy eco-friendly tote. Reusable bags are a solid promotional item. They are walking advertisements for your brand that will be used for months or years after your event is over.

Let us know what kind of bag you envision for your next promotion, and we can source it for you. If you want to send a lasting message, think canvas, jute or cotton.

Check out our eco-gifts if you’re building a world-saving promotion.

Chat to Us!

After something a bit out there? From custom gym bags to doggie bags for a big foodie event, let us know what your vision is and we’ll make it happen. Message us today!